At LAI, we believe that the best way to create sustainable change in the aid sector is by supporting locally-led initiatives. We’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact that local communities can have when they’re given the resources and support they need to lead their own development projects.

The Benefits of Locally-Led Initiatives

When communities are empowered to lead their own initiatives, they’re more invested in the success of those projects. Locally-led projects are also more likely to be sustainable, since the community members who are leading them have a long-term stake in their success. And when local communities are the driving force behind development projects, those projects are more likely to be culturally appropriate and sensitive to the needs of the people they’re intended to serve.

At LAI, we work with local communities to help them develop and implement their own development projects. We believe that this approach is more effective, more sustainable, and more empowering than traditional top-down aid models.

Our Approach

At LAI, we take a collaborative approach to development work. We partner with local communities to identify their needs and goals, and we work with them to develop a plan to achieve those goals. We provide technical support and training as needed, but we always prioritize the leadership and decision-making of the local community members.

We believe that this approach has led to some truly remarkable successes. We’ve seen local communities in developing countries implement innovative solutions to complex problems, from clean water projects to sustainable agriculture initiatives. And we’ve seen firsthand how the sense of ownership and pride that comes with leading their own development projects can transform communities.

The Future of Aid

We believe that our approach to development work represents the future of aid. Donor countries and aid organizations alike are beginning to recognize the value of locally-led initiatives, and we’re proud to be leading the charge.

At LAI, we’re committed to continuing to support and empower local communities around the world. We believe that this is the best way to create sustainable change in the aid sector, and we’re optimistic about the future of development work.

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